Renewable Energy / Infrastructure

In the fields of solar and biomass plant in both Japan and overseas, we provide comprehensive services throughout the lifecycle of the project starting from the initial stage of finding project opportunities, project management at the development / construction stage, and until the asset management of O&M phase. We will support industrial companies and institutional investors to realize a carbon-free society. Simultaneously, we also invest in the renewable energy project by our own account.

Solar projects in Taiwan

Taiwan, which aims to introduce 20GW of solar power generation by 2025, has introduced a feed-in tariff(FIT) for renewable energy, which keeps higher price than that in japan. In addition, the central and southern parts of Taiwan have low rainfall throughout the year and high solar radiation is expected, which is suitable for solar power generation.

We are currently finding excellent solar powewr project opportunities through the network of local affiliated company in Taiwan. As the first project in Taiwan, we are developing a project of over 50MW. We have multiple Japanese partners participate in the project to invest and jointly promote the project.

Going forward, we will continue to develop new projects in Taiwan. Our target is to develop 500MW in Taiwan by 2030.

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